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On October 22nd reported: Serie A eighth round of Parma against Sampdoria and nothing special, but to have a person is of extraordinary significance!He is Amauri.In Parma 2-1 home win over Sampdoria, the former Juventus Feng Ba the plum to open two degrees, broke his own for up to 6 months in the League scoring drought, but without Amauri's two goals, Parma also cannot win at home to sampdoria.
Amauri (materials) Amauri was the dominant in the air become fashionable for a time in Serie A, but since the 08/09 season after the sharp decline, Amauri state, although he himself refused to move, but Juventus in the eyes he has is not for sale may not.
The 11/12 season, Amauri came to Florence to rolling effect, although occasionally flash, also helped Florence win the AC 2-1 in Milan, but due to Amauri's goal was too unstable, Amauri eventually failed to keep the team.
This season, Amauri joined the Parma, closing before the epicycle has not scored yet.This game, Parma home game against Sampdoria, Amauri ushered in the season fourth times the opportunity to start.In thirty-fifth minutes, Sampdoria defender A- Costa in the restricted area of foul, to give Parma a penalty opportunity, Amauri penalty kicks hit broke his own for up to 6 months in the League to score a goal, the Brazilian dates back to April 7, 2012 Florence's 2-1 victory over AC Milan game,mlb New York Mets jerseys.
After the goal, Amauri confidence significantly, two times in a row header header absolute superiority to win the first end, and a volley forcing Sampdoria goalkeeper made a great save.The second half, Amauri still outstanding.
In fifty-third minutes, Amauri forbidden area inscribes Belfodil back to do the first mallet score, this is his best goal.In addition to the two goals, Amauri also very good acting Parma front fulcrum.
According to OPTA data display, Amauri 15 pass successfully 11 times,Dior mens sunglasses, including 3 key ball, 6 headers 4 times successfully, 4 shot to shot is for all 2 goals.After the game, Amauri is "slow motion" hit 8 points scored the most points, comments: "Amauri who defeated sampdoria.
"As the current football endangered exercise type high center, Amauri is also very awkward,Oakley sunglasses wholesale.Amauri of 32 years old only in the middle and lower reaches of the Serie A team, but even so, Amauri features may not be each can play out.
Play the right way, Amauri would become the bridgehead that be equal to anything, and if there is no play out, Amauri on the team without any contribution.Can say, every Amauri game played very hard, and his grades are hard to spell out more worthy of our respect.

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before the Italian media of the game will be called a showdown between two veteran Klose and Di Natale, 34-year-old Klose, and 35-year-old Pasadena Thala this season remains excellent. Before the game, Klose has scored seven Serie A goals, Di Natale 8 ball accounted for. But Klose's performance in the game obviously pressure after Di Natale, he not only scored a goal, still in the race extraordinary successful three times, is particularly worth mentioning is that the game g the Lauzet 9 fighting for a header successfully seven times, Klose played a frontcourt offensive fulcrum role.

score after the game, Klose received 7 points, he and another goal hero Gonzalez and Lazio captain Mauri assists and two goals tied for the best audience. Di Natale game mediocrity, only to get a low score of 5.5 points. Obviously, this veteran duel winning Klose. Klose scored the goal to Serie A competition 13 games 8 ball tied Di Natale, tied for the Serie A scoring charts in second place, two goals only Bishalawei less. German veteran of eight goals in all warfare scoring a penalty,Coach mens sunglasses, and Di Natale scored three penalties,Versace sunglasses cheap.

after the game Lazio coach Petkovic very pleased, over, it is not easy to do, and we almost did not give any chance of Udinese and I do not know Lazio and Fiorentina Serie not played the most exciting team, but the players are in the game do I requirements, that is hard opponents scored more goals. But Klose quickly with a goal to dispel all doubts, the last season Klose Lazio scored a total of 13 Serie A goals. Lazio reason why shock Champions League qualification in the second half, fatigue failure, one of the important reasons is that Klose by injury problems.

still brave Klose's performance this season, has already scored eight Serie A goals, which is particularly worth mentioning is that 12 of the Rome derby precisely Klose in 43 minutes Lanying scored the go-ahead score in a ball. Game Klose scored to help the team win, Lazio integral reached 26 points, the highest in the fifth place of the Serie A standings, six points behind the leaders Juventus,oakley sunglasses outlet, away from the Champions area is only 2 points gap, it seems that this season, Lazio still impact the hopes of Champions League qualification.

addition to helping Lazio compete for Champions League qualification, Klose has one goal and that is to participate in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Klose This excellent state, I believe his wish promising to achieve. World Cup scoring record of 15 goals held by Ronaldo, Klose has scored 14 goals in the World Cup, to participate in the 2014 World Cup, he is likely to create a new record beyond the alien Ronaldo.

large Luo previously joked that do not want to see Klose to break his own record, but the hope of the world is growing with Klose to participate in the 2014, Ronaldo also understand that I am afraid that this record difficult to continue to be maintained. Ronaldo said this week, World Cup goal tied or beyond my record, I also know that the writing of this page in football history will not be deleted. therefore, I am a little worried, but does not envy Klose, I have own written into the history of football, and he is now writing their own experience.

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als last season scored 13 goals for the TEDA , but due to contractual issues ,ED Hardy womens sunglasses, the Dutch next season will not remain in . His agent has sent information to other clubs in the Super League rumors including Hangzhou Greentown and Guangzhou are its very interested . Yesterday Greentown be denied, the coaching staff and club sides to formulate a signings list , als not one of them will travel to Europe next month Okada conduct signings last season , the club vice president Bao Zhongliang said: foreign aid , leaving only a maximum of two . lease expires player next season will stay in Greentown . the center player , unlikely to be the same this season with no front formation , this center is not necessarily high ,Versace sunglasses cheap, but must have the ability to be able to hold the ball more exciting ,nfl Carolina Panthers jerseys. content visit Jinghua network )

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October 22nd: the Beijing Times reported in late October 21st, the Serie A was the eighth round of the fight club; old Amauri the plum to open two degrees, helping Parma beat Sampdoria 2-1; Udine J 1-0 victory over Chievo Pescara; plain 1-1 Florence, Atlanta 2-1 reverse Siena, Palermo 0-0 and Turin goalless draw, Cagliari beat Bologna 1-0, achieved a League two winning streak.
Parma 2-1 after thirty-fourth minutes, Romero in the restricted area of contrast and Yannick foul, was fined under the direct red card; Parma gets a penalty, Amauri fences to penalty kick hit, Parma 1-0 is in the lead, this is Amauri the new season first goal; fifty-third minutes, Belfodil pass, Amauri's header, the plum to open two degrees, Parma 2-0 leading; eighty-first minutes,cheap Coach sunglasses, Adair used for Sampdoria penalty scores a goal, the final Parma or by virtue of Amauri's to two degrees 2-1 defeated sampdoria.
Udine J 1-0 Pescara thirtieth minutes, Danilo ball foul, received a second yellow card penalty, Udine J only had 10 men; fifty-third minute, Benatia long-range outside the restricted area was Palin side had blocked, Maikesuaier goal line and pushes shoots forces a door open, the final 1-0 victory over Pescara Dienes.
Chievo 1-1 Florence seventeenth minutes, Luciano straight to road closed area, and, after taking the ball to score, Chievo lead 1-0 Florence; eighteenth minutes, Pasikuier corner kick passes on, Toni ferry assists Gonzalo broken goalkeeper to level the score, the score of 1-1 was maintained until the end of the game.
Atlanta 2-1 Siena fifty-ninth minutes, Vergassola straight to the right outside the restricted area, Angelo knocked Wang Road, Reginaldo shot his first start for Siena open records, 1-0; sixty-second minutes, Atlanta tactical free-kick, teammate Mark, Cigarini long-range break will score equalised, 1-1; sixty-fourth minutes,nhl Colorado Avalanche jerseys, Carmona was fined under the direct red card, the Atlanta market only remnant 10 people; eighty-second minutes, Bonawen Tula forbidden area arc top score, the score will be adapted into 2-1; Atlanta counter-ultra, the final 2-1 reverse Siena.
Cagliari 1-0 Bologna sixtieth minutes, nainggolan restricted road after taking the ball up through Aguilar Di, shot ten to close, Cagliari a 1-0 lead, this is also the only goal of the game,cheap nba jerseys; Cagliari final

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On December 2nd reported: big at home, Vilanova's players are excellent, but scored two goals was the best player of the game, in addition, the performance is also outstanding, below is a Barcelona player specific score: 7 points: the overall performance of stability, throw ball responsibility is mainly in the back with the failure.
Adriano 7.5: the first half stoppage time scored a wonderful goal, as Barcelona victory locked, but Barca threw the ball, he will take on great responsibilities, IBA is from the front by Adriano's defense.
Mascherano 6.5: match Barcelona team in addition to Valdez's "peace" player, brother Mark most of the attention has focused to the defense, showed almost no loopholes.Peake 8: Peake's first goal came just in time, at the last minute rush forward, give up and want to attack Messi's performance lets people moved,authentic nba jerseys.
Alba 7: the first half first half of Alba is very active, he and Iniesta on the counter-attack with very sharp, after half the opponent was hurt, after the decline in performance.Busquets 7: Busquets in the middle was a good completion of articulation task, behind Harvey to Barcelona midfielder care be arranged in good order.
Harvey 8: Barcelona brain this performance can only be ordered, passed to Messi's first ball fully embodied in the sophistication of the foundation, in Barcelona, Harvey is still indispensable.Fabregas 8.
5: after Vilanova praised the small method to be hard on performance, Peake goals came from his scoring, assists Adriano scored third goals, of course, the second half of the Spaniards to score a goal, they are the best players.
Pedro 7: Pedro this season activity declined, goals than even Adriano, today's game Sabre is very active, but also lack of feeling in the attack end.Messi 9: a Messi hat-trick in game,San Francisco 49ers white jerseys, it would be perfect for a moment,Detroit Lions nfl jersey, but the plum to open two degrees smaller fleas also good enough, fully deserve the best, breaking Muller's record is only a matter of time.
Iniesta 9: Iniesta when it comes to play in the game, he was the breakthrough and act as a go-between role irreplaceable, can not imagine the Barca no white what will become.Subs: Montoya 6.5: Barcelona, very good to complete their task, no matter what the occasion he would not stage fright, may be the future ideal team right back.
Alexander - Song 6: Cameroon before playing Barcelona have established the absolute leading edge, his work is very relaxed, and not too well.Tiago 6: replacing the white out, because of the time too short not color performance.

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Storari -7 no previous against blue army distress Juve goalkeeper, well to fill the gaps left by Buffon.But to tell the truth, in addition to Cavani's splendid free kick was the reject, zebra army two goalkeeper had done almost out.
Barzagli -7 although has not been previously demonstrated "arrogant" dominance, but for Cavani's defense was fairly successful Chiellini -7 became the team captain Italy international, in helping the team had let neither very good first half an hour later, easy handling was not too many defensive problems,mlb Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys.
Bonui -6.5 first half performance seems to Naples to some advantage, but injuries treatment and getting back on the court, his performance is also improved,kobe bryant purple jerseys.The right way is to attack and lichtsteiner -6.
5 defensive performance, make Naples and edge Zuniga lost spirit.But relatively speaking, seems a bit fatigue, high quality biography not much.Vidal -6 thought because of the national team, red card early return to Turin Chile will become the peak of the war hero, never think of a yellow card, Naples had and his fatigue, let him through the Juventus since the downturn in a match.
Marchisio -8 very patient pony not only suppressed the Pan Defu and Hamm Sieck show, giving Pirlo enough protection area, still bravely broke the former ball.The Bianconeri winning become shadow hero.Pirlo -7 from the beginning to the end has been very busy Juve core, so under the weight of easily play amazing.
In the attack have been Napoli midfielder "meat grinder" destroyed, he can always adjust state of mind, to organize for more elaborate attack.With Giovinco getting better cooperation also let people feel happy.
Asamoah -8 in certain period of time, he became Juventus breakthrough iron bucket is the only means of naples.To the bridge made a lot of trouble, if pass the timing was slightly better, perhaps as the Bianconeri victory to open the door.
Giovinco -7 apart from the opening of the national team teammate DeSanctis trial, he was especially text front line most active players.Missed a penalty box chances, return to active defense performance also commendable.
Quagliarella -6.5 managed to become the main force of former Napoli striker, but because the combined with Giovinco strange and former teammates on their familiarity, not to play.Subs: Caceres -7.5 classic Caceres goal, no insult Juve lucky name.
Pogba -7.5 come on stage 15 minutes performance is amazing, the long-range not surprisingly reached the Serie TOP5.Large and yet flexible moving and retaining the ball, finally make tonight Naples "meat grinder" Gokhan Inler is booked a,cheap D&G sunglasses.
Also let zebra military victory had become "a complete".Matt -6 and the team debut teammate compared to the best opportunity, missed the backup center, more and more disappointing.Naples: DeSanctis -7 gets teammates support of Italy "two", wonderful saved Qiao Wenke, Asamoah and Matt shot.

Chinese version of

Netease Entertainment reported all around the October 24 as going to be the year of the best anticipated drama a minimum of one back and forth from makes Yangcheng People's very much in the way looking forward to educate yourself regarding the arrival relating to going to be the famous play to do with it a widely used and huge smiles coexist. October 23, organizers to do with going to be the Grand Theatre held his or her first press conference having to do with going to be the Chinese version to do with With the classic
classic taste: 32 Years 45,000 performances legend continues

as going to be the at the outset regarding the about four classical musical,going to be the organizer is that often also a multi functional comprehensive display of going to be the media environment regarding language version to do with The statistics show that, before landing all over the China, This keep abreast of can be the case which is quite going to be the lyric about going to be the Chinese version about legend.in addition to
At the same a short time going to be the Chinese version relating to The conference website,going to be the organizers took going to be the lead in your form concerning keep your computer performances and MV The comedy has been one or more having to do with going to be the paragraphs having to do with the drama to do with by far the most popular having to do with going to be the Shanghai Railway Station there have been part relating to going to be the audience too the item increase paragraphs rather at a loss,rarely knowing schedule an appointment with yowl Star people hard funny,among the most walked into going to be the theater to get for additional details on have the benefits. Speaking about during which time your family can buy their favorite vocals and dance, and slightly like they all are classics, every search not only can they have a new believe that and experience At going to be the put an end to having to do with the around three short span of time tour all over the Xi'an, Chongqing, Wuhan, Both along with the Chinese musical,well
going to be the Chinese taste: idioms solo original elegance going to be the cat Although the going to be the conference site does in no way each of them is cats as soon as the Church not only can they sing,do nothing more than has a tendency to don't alert feeling, everyone does go well with going to be the at the outset a period of time detailed the exquisite taste relating to going to be the Chinese version regarding Original drama just an all in one the ideal choice combination regarding song you choose heart beat,but take heart also conquers an all in one Chinese-style playful and poetic It is most likely the music director, said and consequently There are generally live performances going to be the projection display libretto I hope a number of us can go out and buy a good deal more interesting too much info online to educate yourself regarding going to be the arena
In addition for more information about going to be the Chinese it is certainly plausible to explore sing some of these very visible The increase with your a significant part about Despite going to be the cat lead all around the stage are ballet, tap,cutting-edge dance, rehearsal,but take heart ultimately, practicing going to be the basic dish basketball thing to do According for more information on the actors training to learn more about to build all the way up their power and balance, and for no reason just everywhere in the China, after going to be the Australian version to do with
going to be the Guangdong taste: Fans recommended Guangdong color props all around the stage, Cantonese lines please we can expect

many Chinese viewers, Thus going to be the at the outset about going to be the Chinese version about conference the same day,the organizers practically never will show you invited 20 fans for additional details on are available for more information about going to be the sector to learn more about take the lead in your wonderful feelings to do with going to be the Chinese On behalf regarding going to be the folk kingdom of Guangzhou
show has came to an end in your Shanghai and Xi'an station,' Last year, The conference web - site,a couple cats is the at the outset to educate yourself regarding are available going to be the Guangzhou Opera interaction allowing you to have going to be the media has rent it out everyone nose the atmosphere about huge smiles ahead, unimaginable a multi functional month later,when the 34 cats appeared as part of your Grand Theatre, what may be going to be the hot or cold area What meow Star in that case full - blown the Film the producer on the basis of Weber's 15 language version about A month later for more information about the Guangzhou Opera can make an appointment with going to be the outcome.along with (This article Source: Netease Entertainment)

On the proper use of the full name of the notice

units of various advertising : concern and support in the Super League for a long time , the 2012 season has started thanked the media products , under the joint efforts of all walks of life , there exists a good start . to protect the league, Maintenance Subsidized interests , and communicate to build a good category overall image , for you to invited media unit reported publicity to correctly use the full name in the league , abbreviations have been used , compared to the Wanda Plaza Very League . The the league overall picture of maintenance inseparable from the efforts of all , let us join hands and work together to build a high -- level league . expert soccer league the particular Executive Board of the Council 2012 Goal 16 , 2010

Bundesliga Summary of the 6 - Dusseldorf still u

�?p September Twenty nine reported: September 29 described: GMT the early morning associated with September 29, Half a dozen Bundesliga round started 2-0 win Fuerth get straight, fresh promoted Dusseldorf While the target is cracked however unbeaten grades 2-2 home attract with. The 2-0 get in the first get of the season. Dortmund 5-0 Borussia Moenchengladbach the 35th moment, midfielder passing mistakes Royce grab tens of meters involving high-speed dribbling mad all of a sudden reached the limited area the face regarding attack Te Shite main ball Tuishe sent to the bottom left corner from the goal, 1-0 to aim Royce penetrated his past club, did not celebrate after scoring Royce. Forty five minutes, cell plan restricted the right involving small-angle volley Te Shite root shut down out. Schmeltzer the tactic the corner pressed to the corner of area on Bulashenqi Khodorkovsky, Belgium captain of a 45-degree angle, Subotic Road shakes Leipzig, Lo Shite root fingertips encounter ball, but still are unable to change the goal, 2-0. 69 minutes, Goetze right corner of area soccer ball light push to be able to Royce, Royce back to do Goetze golf ball block Borussia defender, however the ball did not move far Royce directly right foot welcome golf ball small-angle volley, the ball 3-0 Borussia remaining corner pocket a pleasant arc dart. 79 minutes, Hummels soccer ball to Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Zhisai left 路布拉什�?Khodorkovsky, North and south poles Xiadichuanzhong to cross in the front unguarded Beijing An the actual Zhong easily break Tuishe 4-0. The actual 85th minute, midfielder S. Flex tackles handed Gundogan Gundogan the actual ball to the left facet of the ramp turn on the restricted location before, Bulashiqi Khodorkovsky timely follow-up appropriate foot shot to destroy ,5-0 . Leverkusen 2-0 Fuerth first 50 minutes, the face of the groom Rye Kiessling forcing backcourt bad foot of the ball on the promise Earle , the latter right Sesa Mu Sam ball shattered into the restricted section of ​​the second half off the counter just easily Tuishe split to lead 1-0. 62 moments, Carbajal biography, Sam the penalty area and the left foot shot scored twice, 2-0. Hamburg 1-0 Hannover Ninety-six 20 minutes, Van der Vaart then Sun Xingmin pass quickly straight 塞鲁德内夫斯 latter offside trap broke into the limited area on the deal with of the Zillertal the great foot Tui succeeded, 1-0. Nuremberg 0-2 Stuttgart starting less than one minute, Ibisevic off under the ball of the foot of Antonio broke into the restricted place the easily split Tuishe ,0-1. Right foot minimal shot after Seventy-five minutes, Ibisevic ball transferred to Haneke, the Austrians the basketball broke into the restricted area to screw up the Pinola the defense to score, 0-2. Hoffenheim 0-0 Augsburg Werder Bremen 0-2 Bayern Munich 48 moments, Franck Ribery restricted area The particular shot on the proper side by the pop-up order. 81 minutes Muller high cross from outside the region, Gustavo, the Brazilian conquer wonderful long photographs succeeded 0-1. 83 minutes, Muller ball to Tshatshi a long time, the latter at the edge of the area cross Road Manzu Keech, unblemished the Manzu Keech face involving goalkeeper easy to break, 0-2. Dusseldorf 2-2 Schalke '04 13 minutes, Heweidesi sideline ball is chucked, Huntelaar Qiuhou crosscutting shake off home group two defenders the constrained line left ft . volley broke ,0-1. 20 minutes, Fuchs out kick Matip shakes Leipzig ball into the top 0-2. 47 minutes, Voronin opened a corner, Shaheen close Qiangdian the Tongshe break regain one point, 1-2. The 1st 77 minutes, Laifeiersi cross from the right, the actual Shaheen in front of the header hoisting the particular ball top Rushaerke the thing to tie the sport, 2-2. Frankfurt 2-1 Freiburg first 50 units, Schmid right-sided low ball pass Zambrano rescue is not appropriate, Forestier, ball truncation shot knocked Zambrano who pop up, and the ball bounced in to kruse front, the latter broke his right feet low shot, 0-1. Sixty eight minutes, Eqipuka left to be able to push cross Highway, Meyer left base the ball halted and turned his / her right foot volley to shoot the soccer ball into the Freiburg top left corner, 1-1. 73 units, Eqipuka out corner Stoudemire modest Road Closed bust 2-1 ahead score any header. Injury time, the visiting staff striker Gade Zambrano flagrant foul by the referee produced a red card penalty. Wolfsburg 0-2 Mainz 27 minutes, Yiwanxici right top kick out Diaz after the submit before header hoisting crack, 0-1. 37 minutes Yiwanxici teammate the left back doing the frontcourt Xiezhuan front Szalay spanked right foot minimal shot score 0-2. (This informative article Source: Author: Bomber)
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